How It Works

Step 1 - Contact Information

1 – Enter your contact information to create a new account on the RoboBeGone portal.

Step 2 - Select Country & State

2 – Select the country and state for your new secure phone number.

Step 3 - Select Your Number

3 – You will see a list of available rate centers within the state you chose.

4 – Click view numbers to see a list of available numbers within the selected rate center

5 – Select a number for your secure inbound and outbound calling.

6 – Set up a voicemail (VM) PIN (8-digit number) that is required to listen to your recorded messages. 

7 –  Set up a 4-digit caller PIN for your caller to enter in order to bypass your security settings. Your recorded message might say: You have reached xxx-xxx-xxxx (your number). Please enter 2233 (your 4-digit code).

8 – and the the most coolest feature of all DISA , if you want to use your number on the go you can use any mobile phone & dial your number, Press 8 From your Dial Keypad & Enter Your 4-8 Digit DISA PIN Followed By The Pound sign e.g #1234xxxx

9 –  Select a monthly plan for the 30-day trial period. No credit card is require and you will not be charged until you decide to subscribe.

To Connect Your Home Phone With Your New VoIP Number: Order Our Cisco PAP2T Device, Pre-Configured With Your Number

The CISCO PAP2T setup is simple. Connect this device to your Router on Port RJ45, and connect your phone with this device on Port RJ11