How It Works

Step 1 - Contact Information

1 – First from will take your contact information to create your new account on Robobegone portal

Step 2 - Select Country & State

2 –  Please select in which country & state you need a new number from.

Step 3 - Select Your Number

3 – You will see all available rate centers from your desired state.

4 – Click on view numbers , to get all available numbers from selected rate center

5 – Once you selected your rate center you will see all available number for you to pick from

6 – VM PIN is what you will use to listen to your recorded massages. It’s like code to your answering machine 

7 –  Digit Code is what your caller will enter to bypass security .when people call your machine will ask them something like  “Hi your have reached xxx-xxx-xxxx (your number) please enter 2233(your password) you can use any combination of 4 numbers .

8 – and the the most coolest feature of all DISA , if you want to use your number on the go you can use any mobile phone & dial your number, Press 8 From your Dial Keypad & Enter Your 4-8 Digit DISA PIN Followed By The Pound sign e.g #1234xxxx

9 –  select a package that will be activate after 30 Days Trial is over ,You will not be charged anything and no credit card require for now.

If you want to connect your home telephone with your new voip number , you can get Cisco PAP2T Device from us pre-configured with your number

setup up CISCO PAP2T very simple you just need to connect this device with your Router on RJ45 Port, and connect your telephone with this device on Port RJ11, thats all